Don't forget to check with your vet to make sure your dog is adequately vaccinated.



We recommend discussing with your vet what vaccinations they recommend for pets boarding 6-8 weeks before their visit with us.

Vaccinations must be Administered by a vet

All pets must have current proof of vaccinations from a certified veterinarian.  Vaccines are temperature sensitive and this ensures that the vaccine was properly treated at manufacture's requirements.

DHPP - Required

Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.  Previously an annual vaccination; however, some vets now have a 3 year vaccination.  

Rabies - Required

Bordetella - Required

Bordetella has  been an annual vaccination; however some vets are now recommending every 6 months.  We recommend discussing this with your vet at least 10 days before their stay.

Canine Influenza - Ask your vet their opinion.

Some boarding kennels are now requiring this vaccine.   The Bordetella vaccine has been ineffective with a canine cold, just like a human flu shot is ineffective with a common cold.  This is a controversial vaccination as some vet offices do not feel it is necessary; whereas, another vet's office is considering requiring it if you board with them.  


With our new online system you may take a picture and upload records into the app, bring a paper copy with you, or have your vet e-mail it to us.   

Vaccines may be waived due to old age, health reasons, or allergies with a written release from licensed veterinarian