New puppy or new dog


Vet Appointment

Take your puppy and all of their paperwork from the breeder, shelter, etc. to your vet as soon as you get it.

Did you know that most puppies are not fully immunized when they leave the breeder?  Your vet can suggest what is needed and set up a schedule to prepare your puppy for boarding, puppy classes, pet stores, dog parks, etc.  Make sure you tell them your future plans such as puppy class, boarding, etc.

Until your vet says your puppy is fully vaccinated carry pup in your arms or carrier from your car into your vet.

On a personal note as a breeder - I recommend within 72 hours to make sure your puppy is healthy.


 REQUIRED for boarding.  Did you know when they leave a breeder they usually only have 1 vaccine out of a series of 3 or 4 needed for protection.  These are spaced out until they are approx. 16 weeks?  Basically, you should assume they have no protection from parvo until your vet says they do.  

 Don't take puppies to the pet store or dog parks until your vet tells you the pup is fully immunized for parvo


REQUIRED for boarding.   Rabies can only be given by a vet and is required for city/county licenses, etc.  

Exception to this is if your pup is to young for the vaccination or a letter of exemption from the vet.


REQUIRED for boarding.   Did  you know very few breeders send puppies home with the Bordatella aka kennel cough vaccine? They should have this if puppies will be around any other dogs such as neighbors, pet stores, parks, hikes, boarding, etc.  

Other Vaccines and Meds

NOT required for boarding.  Discuss with your vet other things they feel your pet should have because of location, lifestyle, etc. such as Lepto, Rattlesnake, flea and tick meds.

Can I give my new puppy their vaccinations?

We request proof of vaccinations from vets.

Rabies by law is required and can only be administered by a vet.   

Vets have more knowledge on number of vaccines and type of vaccines that are best for your lifestyle and where you live.  

We have seen numerous dogs that were vaccinated with "feed store" vaccines that ended up with parvo and have cost their owner's upwards to $5,000 to save their pups and often pups do not live through this horrible disease.