Don't forget to check with your vet to make sure your dog is adequately vaccinated.


What about Pit Bulls, Dobermans and other breeds often restricted?

No, some of our favorites are Pit Bulls and a Doberman.  Please let us know ahead of time if you feel the dog may have issues with us taking it to play yard so we can set them up in a specific kennel.

Do they have to be spayed/neutered?

No, we can accommodate intact animals; however, there may be an extra charge for a female in season if separation is needed.

Can puppies come?

Puppies under a year must have rabies, bordatella, and 3 or more series of DHPP.

Play Yard


Do we mix dogs from different homes?

Generally, no but may consider with small dogs under supervision.

There is always a risk of an argument between dogs and they use teeth, not words.

Does play yard time cost extra?

No, we feel dogs need outdoor potty breaks and exercise.  Some dogs will not potty in their kennels or outdoor runs.  

How many times a day?

We rotate everyone to outside play yards at least twice a day.  We have 4 larger ones.  The little guys have 2 small ones if they don't want the big ones.

How long is each play yard time?

We feel dogs are individuals so times vary according to breed/size, personality, weather, number of boarding dogs, etc.  A toy Yorkie in winter may need a few minutes whereas a Husky or Bouvier may enjoy an hour or more.  

What if my dog has a lot of energy?

We are happy to leave them out in the play yard for a longer period of time, weather permitting.  

What to bring



Please bring food from home.  It is better for their tummies.  We prefer feedings in individual ziploc baggies.  If there are multiple dogs, it will be a longer stay, etc. then ask us about bringing food in a container; however, please bring more than what will be needed for the stay.  


Kuranda beds are provided.  Some dogs are more comfortable with bedding from home; however, we can not guarantee the condition it will be when it goes home.  It is not uncommon for dogs to chew on bedding, even if they don't at home.  Example, our Min Pin can have a bed in her kennel in the kitchen she sleeps in all the time but if we put her in the kennel with it, the bed will be destroyed in less than a 1/2 hour.   It MUST be washable in a standard washing machine.  

We prefer not to have Costco's Kirkland dog beds.   *$15 charge each time Costco bed is washed.


Toys are welcome but are occasionally lost or left behind.  Please check lost and found in lobby.


Water buckets and food bowls are provided.

Collars & Leashes

Standard snap lock collars are appreciated.  

Most harnesses are removed.

Chain collars are removed. 

Leashes - best if taken home.