Don't forget to check with your vet to make sure your dog is adequately vaccinated.


Standard Stay
$20 per dog*


Comfortable 4'  X 4'

Kuranda bed

Door to outside run

6' walls with 4' solid for privacy

Standard Stay
$20 per dog*


 Large 4' X 8' 

2 large dogs, Great Danes,etc.

Limited number available

Kuranda beds

Door to outside run

6' walls with 4' solid for privacy 

$35 per dog*


Private, comfortable rooms with glass doors

2 - 7' X 9'

1 - 6' X 8'

Flooring is luxury vinyl planking

Large Midwest Crate $20 per dog*


We found a few dogs and owners prefer these as many use them in their homes.  It is also in a quieter area.  Dog pictured is over 100 lbs.  As this is not standard, it must be requested.

Small Dog Area $20 per dog*


Quiet room with music playing

3' x 3' and 2' X 3' kennels

Rugs and your choice of bed

Perla, Kuranda, or personal

Outside potty break 2x's a day. 

Auxiliary Building


We use this for busy seasons or upon request. 

Large 4' X 12' runs 

Chain link between dogs

Kuranda Beds

Some have windows

Price is standard stay

$15 per dog


Accommodations are set up the same as a nightly visit but larger play area in grooming area or more time in outside play yard


Bath price varies from $10-$40 and includes 15 minutes of hand blow drying and/or brushing.

Extra hand blow dry and brushing are $5 per 15 minutes.  You decide on time.

Off Hour Pickup or Drop Off $25

Need to pick up your pet outside of business hours?  We'd be happy to work with you just schedule a time with us.

$15 per cat*


3 stories for litter box, food/water, beds, and play.

Cats in Suite
$20 per cat*


Suite has a bench they love to lay on and a cubby hole under the bench for privacy.  Suites minimum is $35 per night. 


*Check in day is charged.  

*Check out day: 

    -AM hours no charge

    -PM hours boarding day charge 

    -Sundays will always be charged as evening hours only


All dogs are rotated out to large play yards at least 2 times a day. They will have the play yard to themselves, we do not mix dogs from different homes.  Time varies according to weather, number of dogs and most importantly the dog itself.  Tiny Yorkie with rain may be a few minutes.  Husky on a nice cool day would enjoy a few hours.

Intact Dogs

Dogs do not need to be spayed or neutered.  

Pitbulls, Dobermans, and other working breeds

We do not have a restriction on breeds.