About Us




We are excited to be the new owner’s of BnB Pet Retreat, LLC, previously BnB Kennels.  This has been a dream of ours for a long time.  We love spending time with the pets and enjoy meeting their parents.  We have some ideas that we are looking forward too such as adding a few “suites”, maybe more play yards, etc.

As you are entrusting us with your family members, we thought you would like to know a little about us. We moved here from the Sunnyside area where we lived for 14 years (Sybren almost 20 years). 

Michelle has been raising dogs for 14 years. You may see the Bouvier des Flandres around. Before coming to the valley, she worked at JELD-WEN as an administrative assistant to the Sr. Vice President of Financial Services.  Her interest in 4-H has given her the opportunity to be involved in a dog 4-H club and she was the Livestock Director at the Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo for several years. 

Sybren has had a dairy cow hoof trimming business in the valley for over 16 years. He grew up on a dairy in The Netherlands.

Cameron is staying home while attending Business at Columbia Basin College property.  You may see him around as he helps in the kennel during busy times.  He helped Michelle with the dogs and puppies through the years and has a love for the dogs. Josh is a local ER nurse. He has decided to rent the single wide on the property which gives another person watching over things.



Country Setting


Located on 8.5 private acres in the country but minutes from the city.    Neighbors are horses, cows, and alpacas. 

Owner's Live on Property


Owner's live in home on the property.  Everyone visiting facilities must drive past home to reach the kennels.  Son lives in single wide on property.  

Indoor/Outdoor Runs


Main building has 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' indoor kennels with 4' X 12' outdoor runs.  When weather allows doors to runs are left open.  All kennels have solid dividers between dogs.

Auxiliary Building

Large indoor chain link runs with Kuranda beds.  This has been used as an over flow building during busy times.  We look forward to converting to modern HDPE kennels with glass doors and possibly indoor play area.

Large play yards


4 large play yards where dogs are rotated out for potty breaks and play time.  Time varies according to weather, dogs personalities, number of dogs, etc. but range from 10 minutes to over an hour.

Small dogs

Indoor only area available.  After potty breaks outside, indoor area for more play time.


New Name on a new sign


New Roof


Walk in suites


Painting has started